06 October

Public Relations & Marketing Strategy


Do you want to create a strong brand image for your company?   Doesn’t it sound great to have your company, you new product launches, or your new service offerings regularly on media coverage? Every organization, whether or not it’s large or small, has a story to tell the public. This is where Inspire Communications steps in to provide you the best possible public relations and marketing strategy solutions.
  • PR Corporate Advisor
We assist your company in delivering corporate communication services, establishing relationships with stakeholders, customers, media and other business associates as well as developing strategies to enhance your corporate images.
  • Marketing & Strategic Plans
We help you set your overall business objectives and goals, develop your key media message, and convey an effective public relations plan to help your business achieve optimum results in the media.
  • Media Relations
We have a strong connection and long-term relationship with a variety of media and press, so we know who is covering the stories, how to capture their interest, and how to generate a positive coverage. Some of our successful public relations events and activities organized in Thailand and Asia include:
  • Japanese Cultural Event 'Connect Japan 2015' at Central World
  • The Launch of ‘IMPACT GROWTH REIT’, Thailand’s first ever Real Estate Investment Trust in 2014
  • The Launch of BEE HIVE under management of Bangkok Land PCL in 2014
  • World Gourmet Festival 2013
  • LUCARIS event launched its newest collection in Hong Kong 2012, Shanghai 2013 and Beijing 2013
  • RHVAC and Electrics and Electronics 2011(Ministry of Commerce)
  • Bangkok Land Shareholders Annual Meeting 2011
  • WBPF 2012 World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championships in Bangkok
  • Mr Thailand by Thailand Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Association (2010 -2013)
  • Media Familiarization Trip in Turkey, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Australia and Japan